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I am an Online Marketer dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom. I have a very dry sense of humor and don’t take life too serious. I want to help people learn and do it in a fun way. It is much easier to learn when you are having fun. I have been at this crazy online marketing thing since 2008. I have failed many times. I know, it is not fun. Guess what? There is a way out. YOU can live the life of your dreams.  It is my goal to help YOU make that happen!!

I love to golf, enjoy football, family and friends. I am in the process of losing some lbs and hate vegetables.

I have been there and done all that. I am going to kick off every article, video, and Facebook post with a hilarious joke. Funny joke. A joke. Just read the damn joke and laugh. Then, enjoy the real reason your here. To learn how to make money. So,  Look for my stupid jokes and let’s make some money!!!!


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